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Content Creator

Rita Saikali

Rita Saikali  is an entrepreneur, content creator, radio hose and founder of Boutique Digital Marketing. She opened began creating content in 2011, and since then she has worked on radio shows, documentaries, emceeing events, and many other things.

Jihad Saikali


Jihad Saikali

Jihad Saikali  is a seasoned radio host, that began his radio career in the late 80s through this journey on air he had he has interviewed many of Lebanon's finest. He has also dedicated a great portion of his on-air talent to helping the youth grow and showcase their talents and innovations. Jihad Saikali, is kind, thoughtful, and amazing!

Maggie Minassian



Maggie Minassian is an Interior Designer who lives in Dubai she’s also a Jewelry Designer she joined our team on March 2020 #Khalik bil beit And now still hosting # Ne7na Ma3ak