Maggie Minassian



Not only is our talented Maggie Minassian the incredible host of  several of our shows, she is also an amazing Interior Designer who lives in Dubai  and a brilliant Jewelry Designer; she joined our Radio MT. Lebanon team on March 2020.

She hosted the show
#Khalik bil beit
And now still hosting
# Ne7na Ma3ak

Maggie is graduated from Lebanese American University in Beirut (LAU) as an Interior Designer
And she also hold a degree in Liberal Arts from the same university

She loves hosting radio shows since childhood…

You can find Maggie on
Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok and Twitter
@Maggie H.Minassian
Or Maggie Minassian

Maggie is married and she has a daughter.


My Favourite Quote

“If you want to judge someone, judge yourself first”
Saint Charbel


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